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Tastes like honey, acts like fibre

  • FOSHealth masks the bitter aftertaste of sweeteners, and acts as an excellent sugar substitute.
  • In addition, pre-biotic fibres impart nutritional benefits of fibres.
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Enhance stability, ensure shelf life

  • By preventing the growth of pathogenic microbes, FOSHealth helps to extend the shelf-life of foods.
  • FOSHealth is stable and can sustain high temperatures.
  • Being hygroscopic nature, it should be stored in cool and dry places.
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Improves flavour, enhances taste profile

  • FOSHealth masks the bitter aftertaste of high-intensity sweeteners. Moreover, it has a natural sweet taste, that provides a well-balanced taste.
  • This helps augment the flavours of products.
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Improves texture, uplifts rheology

  • FOSHealth improves moisture retention in products and it also acts as a bulking agent.
  • It enhances the freeze-thaw properties in frozen foods like ice creams and prevent crystallization.
  • FOSHealth thus improves overall texture of the product.
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Safe and easy to use

  • FOSHealth is completely soluble in water, and thus can be applied to various food products, without changing the manufacturing process.
  • USFDA has issued it a GRAS status (Generally Recognised as Safe).
  • Oligosaccharides have been approved as dietary fibres globally.
  • FOS has been included in the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for use in food items
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